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Welcome to the Museum Ethnographers Group website, the place for resources, support and networking opportunities relating to museum ethnography in the UK.

Join us to become involved in discussions relating to global collections whether you are working in museums, seeking access to collections, teaching, researching, studying, or just interested.

Central to our work at this time is creating a supportive environment to acknowledge our responsibility to work through the embedded colonial presence in our museums. We seek to address barriers to accessing collections. We aim to help our members focus on tangible action and rethink practice to collectively imagine, and work towards, a different future for our museums and their collections.

MEG is active across the web - please visit our blog and repatriation resource. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, . Better still, join our community by becoming a member.

Have news and views relating to Museum Ethnography you want to share? MEG would love to hear from you. If you wish to contribute a blog post please contact MEG's web officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The MEG blog is updated regularly and summarized in MEG newsletters. Blog posts have included exhibition reviews, event listings, help with identifications and project news but we’re open to suggestions.


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Latest Blog Posts

  • Collector Virginia Bond Korda would like to offer her collection of textiles and some artefacts to a museum in the UK. Virginia is a retired anthropologist, overseas development consultant and textile collector who has amassed a collection over 35 years whilst travelling and working in many areas around the world. The collection consists of textiles, garments and accessories, as well as some artifacts, representing...

  • The following project will be of great interest to MEG members. See below for more information about the project and an invitation to get involved. Digital Pasifik write:  Invitation to help us make the digitized cultural content of the Pacific easier to find, share, and use by people in and of the Pacific. Through this site,, we intend to bring together the metadata...